Avia Solutions Group Trust-Line provides you with channels to disclose unethical behaviour confidentially and anonymously.


Thank you for wanting to report a concern, all organizations face risks of things going wrong or unknowingly harboring malpractice. Misconduct or unethical behaviour is damaging and can have far-reaching implications on our employees, business operations and reputation. For this purpose, Avia Solutions Group launched TRUST-LINE to encourage and allow employees, suppliers and other stakeholders disclose any suspected or actual fraud, corruption, illegal acts or unethical practices by employees or associate personnel of the company in a confidential manner and with a simple form.

The company applies a zero-tolerance policy to violations of our business conduct or applicable laws and promotes the culture of openness within the company. We assure you that all received disclosures will be treated confidentially and necessary actions will be taken to have fair investigation and measures subject to applicable laws.

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Trust-Line Whistleblowing
Anonymity and confidentiality

In case of anonymous disclosure, the identity of the whistleblower will be unknown to us. Avia Solutions Group is committed to protecting whistleblowers who make disclosures in good faith so there should be no reason to report anonymously. However, there may be special or unusual circumstances where the whistleblowers consider it necessary to make an anonymous disclosure.

In case the anonymous disclosure is received, such disclosure will be accepted and treated equally with those bearing a signature and name. Anonymous disclosures can at times be more difficult to investigate as there is no option to seek further information during investigation, and anonymous whistleblower cannot be contacted to discuss the outcome, however this should not act as a barrier to making an anonymous disclosure if the whistleblower feels that this is the best course of action for him/her.

Notwithstanding the method of disclosure, the identity of the whistleblowers’ will be handled in strict confidence. A reporting party may be requested to make a statement to the relevant law enforcement authority(ies) or otherwise give evidence to the extent required by law or order of a court.

Whistleblowing protection

You can disclose concerns anonymously and confidentially without any concern of retaliation in accordance with applicable laws and our Whistleblowing Policy.

Should you have any concerns or questions in relation to the protection of the whistleblowers, please review our Whistleblowing Policy.

What should be disclosed?
The disclosures must be submitted to protect the company, employees, and public interest, including, but not limited to:
  1. conduct which is an offence or a breach of the law (a criminal offence has been committed or failing to comply with any other legal obligation);
  2. disclosures related to miscarriages of justice;
  3. health and safety of the public and/or other employees;
  4. damage to the environment;
  5. unauthorised use of public funds or other assets;
  6. possible fraud and corruption;
  7. neglect or abuse of clients; or
  8. other unethical conduct.
All concerns should be disclosed in good faith.

How it Works

1 step
The whistleblower has three following options to disclose any irregularities, wrongdoings, or suspicions:
2 step
For non-anonymous disclosure, we will acknowledge the receipt of your disclosure and carry out further consultations with you to obtain as much information as required on the reported concerns.
3 step
We will review the disclosure thoroughly and inform you whether the investigation is started pursuant to your disclosure (not applicable to anonymous whistleblowers).
4 step
If the investigation is started pursuant to your disclosure on the incident, we will take necessary actions and implement measures to protect your rights and ensure the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity. A regular information on the outcome of the investigation carried out and any actions taken as a result of the investigation will be provided to the whistleblower.
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TRUST-LINE is a confidential, user-friendly web-based Whistleblowing service that employees and any other third parties can use to disclose any wrongdoing at any time. The TRUST-LINE online service is managed and operated by Avia Solutions Group Risk Management Department which provides the Whistleblowing services.
Who can use TRUST-LINE?
TRUST-LINE is available at any time to all current or former employees, and any other third parties, such as people we work with and who wants to disclose any concerns of wrongdoing.
How can I contact TRUST-LINE?

You can make a disclosure by filling an online form through the website or sending an email to [email protected].

For all other related queries, please feel free to contact Avia Solutions Group Risk Management Department by email at [email protected].

When to contact TRUST-LINE?

Take a stand against any form of crime to protect your integrity and the reputation of the company and its employees to create a safe and crime free environment.

If you become aware of any violations of the policies, laws, or values, as well as any actions that endanger Avia Solutions Group or other company’s and employee's wellbeing or safety, you should make a disclosure via TRUST-LINE to report the wrongful behavior or actions. See What should be disclosed?

However, the TRUST-LINE cannot be used to make false accusations, nor may it be used for commercial or other general matters.

Who has access to the information reported to the TRUST-LINE?

Received disclosures are sent only to designated personnel assigned to handle the disclosures.

Received disclosures are not forwarded to any other persons outside the company without prior consent or approval of the legal representative of the company.

How can I be assured that my identity will be protected?

All disclosures received through the TRUST-LINE shall be processed in accordance with the established procedure and Whistleblowing Policy ensuring the confidentiality of all whistleblowers.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable by making disclosure personally, the TRUST-LINE offers the possibility of making disclosures anonymously.

How can I receive feedback on my submitted disclosure?
The Whistleblower shall be informed about the receipt of the disclosure (not applicable to anonymous disclosure) within 2 (two) business days after the receipt of the disclosure and subsequent decision to pursue investigations.
What should I do if I have another concern not listed in what should be disclosed?
If you have other concerns, such as pay-related queries, co-worker disputes or general employment grievances you should, in the first instance and where feasible, raise these with your supervisor, line manager or through the company Human Resource manager to ensure your concern is dealt with speedily and efficiently.